How would a metal roof affect my cell phone reception?

Though we might not think of it, most of us regularly use our cell phones in buildings with metal roofs.  Many grocery stores, office buildings, schools, and churches either have a metal roof or a metal deck beneath a flat roofing system, and there is no noticeable effect in cell phone reception.  Our manufacturing partner, Classic Metal Roofing Systems, has served tens of thousands of homeowners and heard from no more than five homeowners who experienced a drop in cell phone reception after installing a metal roof.  If you currently have very, very poor reception in your home, a metal roof might further limit your reception.  If that is the case, an inexpensive reception booster will solve the problem.  If you have no issues with your reception currently, there should be no noticeable drop after installing a metal roof.

Will a metal roof attract lightning?

It is a common myth that lightning is attracted to metal, when, in reality, lightning will always strike the highest point in an area – the lone tree in a field or a home on top of a hill.  Metal conducts electricity, but it does not attract it.  If a home with a metal roof is struck by lightning, the roof will conduct the electricity as it grounds out through the home’s structure.  A metal roof does not increase the need for lightning rods.

How long will a metal roof last compared to other roofing materials?

Homeowners we work with are tired of replacing asphalt shingles and wood shakes, and are searching for alternatives.  We are finding that, in our area, asphalt shingles are lasting only 12 – 15 years and wood shakes might last 15 – 20 years.  A Classic Metal Roof is truly a lifetime solution.  You will never need to worry about the aluminum rusting, and it has been proven to withstand the worst wind, hail, snow, and ice in the country.  The premier Kynar finishes are backed by a 30-Year Fade and Chalk Warranty, ensuring the roof’s beauty will last as well.  At year 40 or 45, if you decide the roof has faded to the point where you would like to repaint it, you can do so.  Functionally, there are metal roofs well over 100 years old still protecting homes all across the country.

How will a metal roof stand up to hail?

Metal roofing is the most hail resistant roofing material available.  Most metal roof products have earned a Class IV hail rating from the Underwriters Laboratory and maintain their hail resistance over their life, unlike asphalt shingles or other alternatives.  A Classic Metal Roof is backed by the strongest hail warranty in the industry – it will not leak due to hail of any size.  No roofing manufacturer can guarantee their system will not sustain cosmetic damage regardless of the size and density of the hail, but the textured profile of our shingles masks many indentations, and, if we experience a once-in-a-lifetime storm, you know your roof will serve its function, and your home, loved ones, and belongings will be protected.

Is a metal roof environmentally friendly?

Yes!  Metal roofs are sustainable solutions, preventing future natural resources from being wasted on reroofing temporary materials.   A Classic Metal Roof is manufactured from recycled material, is fully recyclable at the end of its life, and can save homeowners up to 20% on their summer cooling costs.

Is a metal roof loud when it rains?

Most of us have experienced being inside a pole barn or shed while it was raining – it sounds like you are inside of a snare drum!  In these applications, there is usually only a smooth metal roof between us and the rain, no decking, attic space, or ceiling.  In traditional residential construction, the living space is separated from the roof by a roof deck, attic, and insulated ceiling, and a textured shingle does not reverberate like a wide, flat sheet of barn metal.  Studies have proven a metal roof is no louder than traditional roofing materials in residential applications.

Will dirt accumulate on my metal roof?

Kynar coated metal roofing is extremely resistant to dirt and grime accumulation.  The Kynar resin is composed of tight molecular bonds that do not allow dirt to easily grip to the surface.  Accumulation is determined by so many factors – finish, humidity, roof pitch, tree coverage, and more – but a metal roof is much more resistant than the rough, porous surfaces of asphalt shingles or wood shakes.  If some dirt accumulates over time, it can be washed off with only a mild detergent at no harm to the finish.

Can I walk on a metal roof?

Yes, you can!  By stepping on the uppermost portion of the shingles, the area most supported by the roof deck underneath, our shingles can be walked on.  We do offer an optional foam insert for areas of the roof where someone might need to walk somewhat frequently: around a second story dormer window you will clean once a year, a pathway up to your chimney for your chimney sweep, around your satellite dish, etc.  Each roof is unique, so we can work together to determine quantity and location of foam inserts.

Can any roofing contractor install metal roofing?

Metal roofing is a more complicated installation, and, when installing a roof expected to last 80 – 100 years, a more conscientious approach is required.  Any company you work with should have been trained by their manufacturer partner to ensure all recommended processes and procedures are followed, so you a have fully-warranted roof to last a lifetime.

What about fire?

All systems manufactured by Classic Metal Roofing are Class A fire rated, guaranteeing they are 100% non-combustible.  The unfortunate reality is, when your home is protected by a combustible roof system, it is only as fire safe as your neighbor’s.  If your neighbor’s home were to catch fire, windblown embers are sure to land on your roof.  With a non-combustible roof system, you can sleep soundly knowing you are protected.

What is the minimum pitch on which metal roofing should be installed?

Every roofing manufacturer specifies a minimum pitch for their products.  This specification should always be followed, otherwise, the system will fail to be watertight and catastrophic problems will occur.  Classic Metal Roofing’s shingles can be installed down to a 3:12 pitch.  If your roof pitch is lower than 3:12, but you still wish to achieve all the benefits of metal roofing, we can evaluate standing seam options to determine what will work best for you.

What attic vents can be used on a metal roof?

Proper attic ventilation is critical to the performance of any roof system.  There are plenty of vent options, both ridge and off-the-ridge vents, that can be used in conjunction with a metal roof.  We can work together to determine which option will be right for you depending on the size and layout of your attic and roof geometry.

What underlayment should be used with a metal roof?

Underlayment is required under any roof system, and is applied directly to the roof deck.  Synthetic underlayments have been a relatively recent development in the roofing industry, and their performance far outpaces traditional felt paper.  When investing in a permanent roof system, we recommend a permanent underlayment as an extra safeguard for long term performance.

How much does a metal roof cost?

Each project is unique and price depends on roof geometry, existing roof condition, and more, but any metal roof is an investment-grade solution.  It is a greater expense initially, but if you are staying in your home and will reap the benefits of eliminating future roofing expenses, decreased cooling costs, and increased home value, you will be hard-pressed to find any investment with a higher return.

Can skylights be used with metal roofing?

Yes! Our manufacturer partners have trained us on their prescribed methods for properly flashing their systems around skylights.  If you have existing skylights, we recommend replacing them when installing your new roof, as even the best skylights are only warranted for twenty years.

Can’t anyone buy metal roofing at their local big box store?

Yes, most big box stores now offer a metal roofing option, but they are usually cheap, low end products not designed to be used on homes.  Rather than push for mass distribution, Classic Metal Roofing works through a network of independent dealers, like Fortified Roofing and Siding, so to provide the highest level of training and support, in hopes that every homeowner receives a roof worthy of their investment.  The same training and support is not available from the local big box retailer.

How will my gutters work with a metal roof?

We recommend fascia-mounting your gutters to avoid any fasteners through the metal roof.  Water will run off a metal roof faster than off of an asphalt shingle roof, so you might need to increase the width of your gutters or adjust how high they are mounted.

What is the MCA Certified Panel Program and why does it matter?

The Metal Construction Association is the leading trade association for metal construction.  It developed its Certified Panel Program to distinguish between metal roofing products of the highest quality and those with inferior paint systems, raw materials, and manufacturing methods.  For a manufacturer’s products to qualify, they must only use raw materials of the highest quality and have stringent quality standards and systems built into their operation.  Classic Metal Roofing Systems is one of only five manufacturers that have qualified and are the only company that focuses on the residential sector.