Veteran-owned, led by ladies, powered by puppies – Fortified Roofing can help you with any damage from recent storms, and year-round home improvement projects too.




As owner of Fortified Roofing & Siding, Larry is responsible for being the leader. He has chosen a team that he trusts and helps everyone complete the goals of the company. His day to day responsibility is handling all things sales. With his experience in United States Marine Corps, he was taught the concept of honor, unity and commitment and that is how he to chooses run his company.

Larry has a need for speed that he fills by enjoying performance boats and cars. He loves riding in his corvette and boating on the water; he hopes to someday own a MTI performance boat. Larry’s passion also extends to classic cars, every year he enjoys the Barrett-Jackson classic car convention. When he isn’t speeding around you can find him hiking, traveling and enjoying different types of food.

Fun Fact: Larry has gone over 160 mph in a MTI performance boat and a racecar.

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