Veteran-owned, led by ladies, powered by puppies – Fortified Roofing can help you with any damage from recent storms, and year-round home improvement projects too.


There are several types of Asphalt shingles from 3 tab to triple layer storm resistant shingle. And as a general rule of thumb in Mid Missouri an asphalt roof will last around: 14 to 25 years; Metal roofing varies in product. A metal roof installed by Fortified should last between: 40 to 75 years.

In short, yes. A new roof will increase your home value if you choose to sell it. It will also reduce the risk of hidden water spreading in your home. If your roof needs replacing, water could be infiltrating your home before you ever see the signs.

There are several things to consider when choosing a roof. The main factors to consider are budget, time remaining in your home, and aesthetics. Do you want a lifetime roof or a roof to get you through until you are ready to sell? The main consideration is choosing a contractor you trust to guide you to the best product for your situation.

Roof repair vs replacement is always determined on a case by case basis. Generally we look at the age of the roof, how much flexibility the shingles still have, where on the roof the issue is occurring, and how much of the roof needs attention. With all these considerations we also look at the budget. If we can save most of the roof by repairing a small section then we will opt for repair. However, if the problematic areas affect more than 30 percent of your roof, it is a better investment to replace.

Depending on the severity of the storm, roof damage can include uplifted, torn, or even missing shingle. If hail affected your home. Your roof could be damaged significantly. There could be holes, bruising and dents across the roof.


James Hardie’s Fiber cement formulation is made up of: Portland cement, sand, water, cellulose fibers, and proprietary additives that enhance the performance of the product.

The most durable siding other than brick and stone; is Fiber Cement siding. It is a strong and durable cement formula that can withstand any storm and is designed for each climate.

Other than brick and stone; Fiber Cement siding has a long track record of being durable against storms, sun, and life. It is a strong and durable cement formula that is backed by a 30 year warranty and is guaranteed not to fade, chip, and crack.

Depending on your siding, damage may be easy to detect. Brick, stone and fiber cement siding are more durable than wood and vinyl siding. Walk around inspecting for any discoloration, chips, fractures, dents, and any broken sections which are all signs of storm damage.

Windows and Doors

If you are concerned with the temperature and your heating/AC your best plan is to replace window in the spring or early summer or fall. This is usually when the temperatures are cool outside and it will not affect your indoor temperatures drastically. Although with Fortified we install windows year round and have install procedures to make it comfortable for the homeowner no matter what the temperature is outside.

Typically it takes between 1 -2 hours to install. However, depending on the size and complexity of the door or if it has any custom work that needs to be done it can take longer.

General Questions

Your salesperson is an excellent resource for you. However, they may not always be able to answer your phone call right away. You may send them a text through our office text line at 573-242-5718 or email them. Please note that the texting line is only staffed during business hours.

You can call our office at 573-447-7574 and Barbie will answer any questions she can. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will relay your questions and/or concerns to your salesperson.

We ask that you give your salesperson at least 1 full business day to respond. If it’s an urgent matter that cannot wait, you can call the office at 573-447-7475.

You are VERY important to us, and we value your trust. We will do our absolute best to meet your needs, however, we do ask the following:

Please be patient and kind. We are doing everything we can to ensure you have a great experience with us, but we are human and there are only so many hours in the day.

Pre-Production Questions

Thank you for your payment! We cannot give you a definite date immediately after receiving your payment. This depends on the projects already scheduled, the weather (we are in Missouri after all), and material suppliers who may or may not be experiencing delays (which happens quite often after a storm and the busy season).

Our production team has a weekly meeting to plan for the upcoming following week. Once the schedule is set, Barbie will call to let you know what day your project will begin (again dependent on the weather and no delays from the job ahead of yours).

Material can be delivered up to two weeks prior to installation. This is dependent on the suppliers’ schedule. Depending on the roof’s steepness, most of the time the material will be placed on the roof. If they are unable to load the roof, they will place the material in a neat stack on the property.

Please note: it is okay for the materials to sit outside, even in rainy weather.

  • ​Rain! Even if it’s not raining on the day your project was scheduled it may still be delayed. If it
    rained the week prior or even two weeks prior, those customers who were rained out will be
    scheduled for the next available time, which in turn delays your project.
  • Extreme Heat! If there is extreme heat it will take longer to install all projects. The installers will
    need to take many breaks, and possibly not work during the hottest parts of the day.
  • Unforeseen circumstances on the project in front of yours. Sometimes we run into unforeseen
    circumstances that cause the project to take longer to complete. This means your project may be delayed by a day or two. Please note that if your project has unforeseen circumstances, we will not leave your project to start on the next one. We will give you the same attention and care as

After Production Questions

The short answer is no.

  • The material that is left over is additional material we ordered just in case we needed
    extra for whatever reason.
  • You were not charged for this material as we paid for it ourselves.
  • Either our supplier or someone from Fortified will pick it up.

Ideally, we would like to inspect your project the very next day. However, realistically it can take up to a week or so. This is dependent on a variety of factors.

  • If you have gutters being completed, those are usually installed a week after the roof.
  • If you have other trades being installed, such as windows and siding, that take more time to install. Timelines vary from project to project – this is dependent on matching siding, supplementing process (if applicable), weather, and the projects that have been scheduled beforehand.

Insurance Questions

If your insurance has not released enough money to cover the full amount of the 2nd invoice, please pay what they have released.

If we have your insurance paperwork:

  • At the time we submit our 2nd invoice to you, we will also be sending a request to your
    insurance company to release all remaining funds for the current trade and/or
    supplements so that you will receive your final check-in time to pay your final invoice.

If we do not have your insurance paperwork:

  • It will be your responsibility to contact your insurance company to have all remaining
    insurance funds and supplements released so that you can pay your final invoice.