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There are several types of Asphalt shingles from 3 tab to triple layer storm resistant shingle. And as a general rule of thumb in Mid Missouri an asphalt roof will last around: 14 to 25 years; Metal roofing varies in product. A metal roof installed by Fortified should last between: 40 to 75 years.

In short, yes. A new roof will increase your home value if you choose to sell it. It will also reduce the risk of hidden water spreading in your home. If your roof needs replacing, water could be infiltrating your home before you ever see the signs.

There are several things to consider when choosing a roof. The main factors to consider are budget, time remaining in your home, and aesthetics. Do you want a lifetime roof or a roof to get you through until you are ready to sell? The main consideration is choosing a contractor you trust to guide you to the best product for your situation.

Roof repair vs replacement is always determined on a case by case basis. Generally we look at the age of the roof, how much flexibility the shingles still have, where on the roof the issue is occurring, and how much of the roof needs attention. With all these considerations we also look at the budget. If we can save most of the roof by repairing a small section then we will opt for repair. However, if the problematic areas affect more than 30 percent of your roof, it is a better investment to replace.

Depending on the severity of the storm, roof damage can include uplifted, torn, or even missing shingle. If hail affected your home. Your roof could be damaged significantly. There could be holes, bruising and dents across the roof.


James Hardie’s Fiber cement formulation is made up of: Portland cement, sand, water, cellulose fibers, and proprietary additives that enhance the performance of the product.

The most durable siding other than brick and stone; is Fiber Cement siding. It is a strong and durable cement formula that can withstand any storm and is designed for each climate.

Other than brick and stone; Fiber Cement siding has a long track record of being durable against storms, sun, and life. It is a strong and durable cement formula that is backed by a 30 year warranty and is guaranteed not to fade, chip, and crack.

Depending on your siding, damage may be easy to detect. Brick, stone and fiber cement siding are more durable than wood and vinyl siding. Walk around inspecting for any discoloration, chips, fractures, dents, and any broken sections which are all signs of storm damage.

Windows and Doors

If you are concerned with the temperature and your heating/AC your best plan is to replace window in the spring or early summer or fall. This is usually when the temperatures are cool outside and it will not affect your indoor temperatures drastically. Although with Fortified we install windows year round and have install procedures to make it comfortable for the homeowner no matter what the temperature is outside.

Typically it takes between 1 -2 hours to install. However, depending on the size and complexity of the door or if it has any custom work that needs to be done it can take longer.