Veteran-owned, led by ladies, powered by puppies – Fortified Roofing can help you with any damage from recent storms, and year-round home improvement projects too.



Chief Woofing Inspector

Murphy Herzing was with Fortified Roofing & Siding since its inception in June of 2016, quickly rose to the title of Chief Woofing Inspector. He credits his mommy with influencing his career and teaching him how to behave in the workplace. She taught him that peeing on the plants is never allowed, and that he should greet everyone with a handshake instead of kisses, as it’s more professional.

Murphy was an exceptional office pup until his passing in December 2018. He was loved by all and we still tell the crazy stories about his time with us.  He was the first office pup of Fortified and still holds his title today while having the other pups under him.

Fun Fact: Herzing says he became interested in the roofing profession because his mom made him, and attributes his success at Fortified to his handsome good looks.

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