Our Story

Why We Exist

To Make Sure the Roofing Process Favors the Homeowner

There are many reasons people choose to start a roofing and siding company. For us and our owner, we wanted to create a company that looked out for the homeowner. We have seen, in our past experience, so many homeowners being taken advantage of and “burned” by dishonest roofing contractors, so we decided to create a company where homeowners can be worry-free.

Fortified’s Core Values

We takes our core values very seriously at Fortified. We use them in our day to day activities with each other and every customer.

Fortified Roofing: Founded on Integrity

Fortified Roofing and Siding was founded with the caring spirit and the unshakeable objective: to ensure the roofing process favors the homeowner while enriching the community through stewardship.

Every company desires to fix people’s problems. Ours is simple: in the construction industry, homeowners get often treated like a paycheck rather than a family. They are usually victims of unethical practices. As a roofing Salesman since 1999, our owner Larry has seen this his whole career. For many years he was a salesman for a storm restoration contractor; going from state to state chasing the hail. Larry saw the devious tricks that co-workers would use. He refused to follow those practices, so he switched companies hoping to find one that was trustworthy Sadly, Larry never did. He then moved back home to worked for local companies wishing for honesty and integrity only to come up short again. Many Companies were still deceiving homeowners and even victimized their employees. Larry realized homeowners are not always safe just because they pick a local company – they can be a devious as any stormer.

Because of incidents like this, he reevaluated his career. He realized that he wanted to start a construction company that was both trustworthy and always protected the customer. During the formation of the company, Larry realized he did not want to be just another roofing and siding company. He envisioned a company where the cornerstone is valuing integrity over money. A company where families and employees can feel secure. A contractor built on integrity with a driving motivation of taking care of the customer as though they were family.

With this in mind, Fortified was born; we follow our Core Values every day with every customer; resulting in a company with strong values and principles of honesty and unparalleled service. Our passion and values became the inspiration behind our name: the products offered at Fortified Roofing and Siding are the strongest in the industry, and our services are further strengthened by guaranteed quality, with even more protection provided with our warranty options.

Our unique sales program is customer focused through consultation rather than high-pressure sales. We focus on problems and work together to find the best solutions. Our approach is not one size fits all each customer is different from budget to preferences, which is why we do not hand an estimate and leave. We sit down and educate every customer about issues they are having, budgeting, and product selection. We want to be the homeowner’s advisor rather than a Salesman they cannot wait to leave.

While our job is offering products for homeowners, we also believe in the responsibility of community stewardship. We wanted Fortified to support the community who supports us. We want every employee to find a cause and help it. Which is what we did; each employee picks a charity that they are passionate about, and as a company, we go out and support them; whether it is time, events or monetary donations. We created something that we as a team could do together while benefiting the community we serve.

With the help of my family and staff, Fortified was born. We are here for homeowners when they need someone to have their back. We stand firm on our core values and believe that our job is not about the roof; instead, it is about serving the people that live under them.

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