Our Team

Larry Herzing


As owner of Fortified Roofing and Siding, Larry is responsible for being the leader. He has chosen a team that he trusts and helps everyone complete the goals of the company. His day to day responsibility is handling all things sales. With his experience in United States Marine Corps, he was taught the concept of honor, unity and commitment and that is how he to chooses run his company.
Larry has a need for speed that he fills by enjoying performance boats and cars. He loves riding in his corvette and boating on the water; he hopes to someday own a MTI performance boat. Larry’s passion also extends to classic cars, every year he enjoys the Barrett-Jackson classic car convention. When he isn’t speeding around you can find him hiking, traveling and enjoying different types of food.


Fun Fact Larry has gone over 160 mph in a MTI performance boat and a racecar.

Megan Herzing

Director of Marketing

Megan discovered her passion for marketing in high school, but it wasn’t until her sophomore year in college that she declared it her major. As a graduate from the University of Central Missouri, she has refined her ability to understand markets and communicate to her customers. She is responsible for all branding, research, and social media.
Megan is an avid dog lover, she spends time hiking, watching Netflix, and playing frisbee with her Wheaten Terrier, Murphy who is also the Chief Woofing Inspector. And when she has to leave Murphy at home, you can find her at Chipotle or supporting her favorite sports teams. Megan also enjoys research to learn about new things; she dives into topics like fitness, nutrition, and traveling.

Fortified roofing and Siding Megan & The Murph

Fun Fact Megan can tell you about almost any dog breed.

Veronica Herzing

Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations, Veronica is responsible for making the day run smoothly. She enjoys the closeness of a family owned business where she knows she can use her experience and knowledge to make a difference. Whether it is structure, organization, or efficiency, she knows she can contribute to the overall goals of the company.
Veronica enjoys creating memories (and documenting those memories) with her family either boating at the Lake of the Ozark or having a huge bonfire. Her other interests include reading, coloring and traveling.

Fortified roofing and Siding Veronica

Fun Fact Veronica has a passion for 11th century and earlier medieval history with the aspiration of visiting castle ruins in England, Scotland and Ireland.

Barbie Smith

Customer Care

Barbie has always been in the customer service field.  She is considered the voice of Fortified; she is the person that everyone talks to whether you call-in, walk-in or she call you.  Barbie is excellent at making sure ever Fortified customer is taken care of and is getting the be service possible.

Barbie is an animal lover through and through; she is often out with her pup Ava, spending time with her horses, or feeding her ducks. She is loves spending time out in the summer heat whether it is in her pool, taking a nap or playing with her daughter Josie.

Fun Fact Barbie is a second degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Jason Bias

Production Manager

As the Production Manager, Jason makes sire your project is scheduled and installed to meet our strict standards.  He has been in the construction industry most of his life following in his dad’s footsteps.  His understanding of job site efficiency, logistics management, and quality control helps to make our jobs run smoothly.

As a prior Marine, Jason is a great leader and team member.  He is loves to spend time on his Harley riding around Mid-Mo.  Often times, Jason and his wife are traveling anywhere that has amazing food.  If you ever need food recommendations they are the ones to go to.


Fun Fact Jason desk drawer is full of candy and cakes that is often raided by everyone else.

Matt Melton


Matt is our leading sale rep for customers.  He excels in product knowledge, problem resolution, and customer communication.  Matt is great at working with customers to find the prefect option that fits their budget, timeline, and long term goals.  He extensive training in sales makes him the best at being detail oriented so customers know exactly what they should expect.

Matt loves spending time with his wife and three boys adorable boys. He as multiple sweet teeth and can smell sugar a mile away.  If there is ever sweets in the office Matt is not far behind.


Fun Fact Matt's favorite sundae is Turtle from Andy's Frozen Custard.

The Pups of Fortified

Murphy Herzing

Chief Woofing Inspector

Murphy Herzing was with Fortified Roofing and Siding since its inception in June of 2016, quickly rose to the title of Chief Woofing Inspector. He credits his mommy with influencing his career and teaching him how to behave in the workplace. She taught him that peeing on the plants is never allowed, and that he should greet everyone with a handshake instead of kisses, as it’s more professional.

Murphy was an exceptional office pup until his passing in December 2018. He was loved by all and we still tell the crazy stories about his time with us.  He was the first office pup of Fortified and still holds his title today while having the other pups under him.


Fun Fact Herzing says he became interested in the roofing profession because his mom made him, and attributes his success at Fortified to his handsome good looks.

Griffin Herzing

Junior Woofing Inspector

Griffin is our Junior Woofing Inspection, having large paws to fill while trying to follow in his brother footsteps.  Griffin is still a young pup that is learning the ways of being a Fortified pup; although he is a playful goofball that is always making the office a fun place to be.  He follows him momma everywhere so if you are meeting Megan; Griffin will not be far behind.

Fun Fact Griffin has a Canadian yelp and holds dual citizenship.

Ava Smith

PupLick Relations

Ava has earned the title of Puplick Relations because she greets everyone who walks in our office. She has fantastic manners and even hold a certification as a Canine Good Citizen.  Ava and her owner Barbie are working to certify her as a Therapy dog. When Ava is not greeting people she and her buddy Griffin are usually found wrestling for toys.

Fun Fact Ava is known for finding the biggest stick in the woods and carrying with her everywhere.