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Fiberglass Windows

Fortified Roofing and Siding of Columbia, MO works with the best window manufacturer – Pella. With there innovative designs homeowners get  beautiful, long-lasting vinyl windows. 

Fortified Roofing and Siding uses the best products to offer our customers beautiful and lasting windows. So whether your goal is to save money on your heating and cooling bill, eliminate drafts, increase your comfort, we can help find the perfect window using Pella fiberglass windows. As the leader in the window industry, Pella’s durable, patented fiberglass windows have the quality look of painted wood while withstanding extreme heat and subzero cold. Choose from the many of design options to create the perfect look for your home.


High performing, low-maintenance fiberglass windows

For the homeowner who wants the most durable window with the warmth of wood, Fortified recommends fiberglass windows by Pella. The Impervia line from Pella is built of incredibly strong fiberglass and is highly efficient. Choose from the endless options for hardware, glass accessories, and finishings to design a window that will complement your home beautiful.


Pella is the leading manufacturer of windows and has been since 1925. Their patented technology and innovative designs create perfectly crafted windows that are low-maintenance and energy efficient. With their knowledge and expertise, Pella continues to find a new way to develop beautiful, functional, and durable windows.

The Pella Difference:

Fiberglass Window Options

Pella fiberglass windows come in a variety of frame styles; all of which are durable and built to withstand aging.  These windows are also highly energy efficient.

Casement Window


Double Hung Window

Single and Double Hung

Sliding Window


Awning Window


Benefits of Fiberglass Windows

More durable than aluminum or vinyl; Pella’s fiberglass windows promise energy efficiency, low maintenance, and durability. These windows can enhance the look of any home with their wood-like appearance. The impressive variety of styles, sizes, and options allow you to customize the window to your specifications. Below you can see other reasons homeowners choose fiberglass windows.

Duracast® fiberglass composite


  • Made from Duracast® fiberglass composite making them extremely durable.
  • Duracast material — Pella’s patented, five- layer, engineered fiberglass composite— is ideally suited for all climates.
  • The highly stable material won’t expand, warp or sag in summer high heat, or shrink and turn brittle in subzero winter conditions.
  • Duracast® engineered fiberglass composite offers you superior durability, weather resistance, and low-maintenance finish.

Thermal Expansion

  • Duracast fiberglass resists expansion and contraction
  • Duracast withstands extreme heat (up to 200 °F) without warping, sagging, or softening – even in dark colors
  • Duracast faces extreme cold (as low as -40 °F), unlike vinyl, which can become brittle in extreme cold

Energy Efficiency

  • ENERGY STAR® partner. Pella® fiberglass windows meet or exceed ENERGY STAR certification.
  • Duracast fiberglass composite offers excellent insulating properties and exceptional energy efficiency.
  • The patented Duracast fiberglass composite offers better resistance to condensation and superior thermal comfort to those seated near windows.

Impact Resistance

Duracast fiberglass composite can withstand significant impacts without deformation, especially in cold weather.



  • Pella’s dual-color option gives you the flexibility to match your project’s interior and exterior design.
  • Duracast features a low-maintenance, factory-applied powder-coat finish that resists chalking and fading – even in dark colors

Five step to a new window

window frame

Pick your frame style.

glass types for window

Select your glass.


Choose interior and exterior colors.


Select hardware.

window screens

Choose accessories.

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