Roofing Inspection

Roof Inspection

Fortified Roofing and Siding of Columbia, MO offers honest, accurate roofing inspection services in the Mid-Missouri area. With decades of experience in storm damage repair and replacement, Fortified offers a professional roof inspection Columbia can trust.

All roofs deteriorate over time, which is why roof inspections are crucial in making sure your roof is structurally sound. Fortified Roofing and Siding specializes in a variety of roof inspections. We perform an analysis on each roof and diagnose trouble areas. Before going out to the roof, we always ask if there is any issue so we can be on the lookout for specific problem areas. Our specialize roofing inspection services include:

Most homeowners call us out when they are preparing to sell their home or have been exposed to severe weather. We also get calls to inspect failing roofs. In these cases, homeowners tell us the problem, and we go on a mission to resolve it. Our inspections are detail oriented; we take a careful look at every home we visit so we can provide you thorough roof inspection to identify any problem areas that need to be repaired or replaced.

Should I  REPLACE or Repair MY ROOF

Knowing when to repair or replace your roofing system is an important step and is often based on factors like age of the roof, the condition of the roof, the roof material roof, amount of damage from trees, wind or hail.

High-quality metal roofing has the most extended lifespan due to its resistance to aging and should only need replacing if there is damage. Asphalt roofing typically has a shorter lifespan of 12 t 14 years. However, with Missouri’s weather conditions many asphalt roofs need to be replaced earlier due to damage. When deciding to replace or repair your roof, we do a careful inspection, looking for problem areas or sections that could have damage. Once we complete our examination, we sit down to discuss your wants and needs. We talk about the situation you roof is in and work together to determine if it makes financial sense to repair or replace. If we detect more than 30% of damage, we advise the roof replacement due to it being more cost-effective.


If you need a roof inspection call Fortified. Fortified Roofing and Siding of Columbia, MO uses experience and expertise to provide complete inspections with an honest assessment and answer any question you may have. When inspecting any roof, we do a comprehensive analysis to make sure every aspect of your roof is reviewed. If your roof passes our inspection and doesn’t need to be replaced or repaired; we can give you an approximate life expectancy of your roof. However, if your roof happens to fail inspection, we help you to understand the issues you are facing and help find the best solution whether repair or replacement.

Our inspection checks for the following:

What is included in a Fortified Roofing Inspection?

Our comprehensive roof inspection provides you with an in-depth analysis of the current state of your home. With our inspections, we go on a “Fact Finding Mission” to find any problem areas or find the cause of any issue you are currently having. We then develop a plan to remedy any issue you are having. Our inspection includes:

      • Extensive inspection
      • Written report upon request
      • Follow-up with the condition of the home
      • Recommendation with a repair proposal if needed

When our investigation is completed, you will be notified of the health of your home and what repairs, if any, are needed.

Why Choose Fortified For a Roof inspection

Fortified Roofing and Siding is Mid-Missouri’s most professional contractor. With Fortified you get a professional inspection, giving you confidence that your entire roof is check for any issues that can occur. We catch the small problems before they become large and expensive. We then help you understand the condition of the roof and how to keep it in excellent condition.

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