Curling Shingles

Curling Shingles

Fortified Roofing and Siding of Columbia, Mo executes in-depth evaluation to determine the severity of the damage. With over 17 years of experience we specialize in honest recommendations to determine if you need a repair on replacement.

Curling shingles can happen on roofs of all ages; it is caused by moisture on the underside of the shingle. That moisture builds up in the attic and cases wetting and drying cycles in the shingle. Most often this is a consequence of some other underlying issue that is going on with your roof system. As the roof shingle begins to curl it becomes weak and damaged. This makes it more susceptible to wind damage, which will cause more problems to your roof. If your suspect you have curling shingle we suggest you call us for an inspection; it could indicate the structure has been compromised. We pride ourselves on figuring out the underlying cause and fixing it so it doesn’t happen Again. Often times a roof with curling shingles can be repair if the problem is caught early.

Cause of Curling Shingles

Inadequate ventilation.

Exposure to extreme weather.

Improper installation.

Old age.

Multiple layers.

Shingles were not lined up properly.


Understanding why shingles curl

Curling shingles happen when the bottom part of the shingle is warmer than the top of the shingle. The difference in the temperature weakens the structure of the shingle causing it to bend and curl upwards.

Shingles need air circulation in order to perform effectively. If the roof has improper ventilation you are almost guaranteed to have a problem with curling shingles. Without proper ventilation air cannot circulate or escape from beneath the shingles. When there is high temperature or heavy rain the heat and moisture get trapped under the shingles. The heat will continue to get warmer until the upper layer begins to curl.

Curling shingles are also a consequence of improper installation. If the nails are not placed in the properly it can lead to curling. Some installers drive the nail through the sealing strip which prevents the shingles from sealing together. This in turn causes the shingles to move and lift. The fluctuating temperatures over time cause the nail to pull out. This leads to the single separating and curling.  Lastly, shingles curl when poor quality products are chosen. When cheap shingles are chosen they usually deteriorate faster. When choosing a roofing shingle it is important to pick a shingle that with last and is made of high quality products.

We pride ourselves on figuring out the underlying cause and fixing it so it doesn’t happen again.

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