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Roof Installation & Roof Replacement

Fortified Roofing and Siding of Columbia, MO is always there for our customers. We believe that an informed consumer is a protected consumer. That is why our slogan is “Protecting the people beneath the roof.” Because our job is not about the roof; instead, it is about serving the people that live under them.

Fortified Roofing and Siding of Columbia, MO specializes in commercial and residential roof installation and roof replacements. With over 17 years of experience in the roofing industry, Fortified works with all types and sizes of roofing, from a steep slope to flat roof. As roofing experts, our sales team and installers factory certified for installation and knowledge of the product. We to provide our customers with robust and durable roof options that will last a lifetime.

At Fortified, we promise exceptional service and a relentless work ethic while holding true to our core values. We make sure you are included and educated by answering any questions you may have regarding the process of your roof replacement project. 

WHY CHOOSE FORTIFIED for your roof replacement

Fortified Roofing and Siding is Mid-Missouri’s most professional contractor. We are customer-oriented that focuses on honesty, transparency and quality.  We won’t do it wrong.

We will help you find the perfect roof

Frequently, homeowners get treated as a transaction – here’s your cost this is what you get. Its a one size fits all sales pitch that leaves the customer feel unimportant. Also, this usually results in a sub-par product being installed. With our approach, we have designed it knowing each customer and home is unique with problems that are personal. We become your advisor and get to know your opinions, budgets, and needs. We then make recommendations that suit your needs perfectly; allowing you to have confidence and reduced hassle throughout the roofing process. Because as roofing experts, we want our customers to have a roof that fits your needs, not ours.

With so many options in roofing products, it can be difficult to decipher all the jargon on your own. Sometimes you need an expert – which is where we come in. With Fortified we work together discussing your concerns, wants and needs to find the perfect solution for your home. We focus on an outcome that works for you and your family to create a solution together we work seeing thing from your perspective. Because its whats under the roof that matters and we are here for you.

Roofing Options

 UL 2218, Class 4, Hail Resistant
UL 580 Wind Resistance
Lifetime Warranty
Energy Star Roofing

Lasting Protection

Fortify your home from  severe weather the a durable metal roofing system.  Metal roofs  provide your home several key factors:

  • Longevity – Metal roofing will be the last roof you will ever need because it will not deteriorate with age.
  • Energy Efficiency – Heat reflective metal roofing and proper ventilation reduce your energy bill.
  • Insurance Discounts – Many insurance companies see the value in metal roofing and offer discounts to homeowners.
  • Beauty – A metal roof will look as beautiful in year 20 as it does in year 1. Choose from a shake, slate, tile or shingle appearance.

Our metal roofing collection was developed using industry advanced technology. Due to its thoughtful design and engineering, it offers a lifetime roofing option with lasting paint systems for increased beauty and energy efficiency.

 UL 2218, Class 4, Hail Resistant
130 MPH Wind Resistance
StreakGuard 10 Years
TruDefinition Color

Durable Asphalt

For an asphalt shingle, Owens Corning Duration Storm Shingles is the best; they are designed to withstand Missouri’s severe weather.  These shingles provide your home:

  • Durability – Owens Corning patented technologies makes it the strongest asphalt shingle on the market.
  • Insurance Discounts – Many insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who choose hail and wind resistant roofing options.
  • Beauty –  Specially formulated to capture the bright, vibrant hues and dramatic shades that showcase the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Using patented technology by Owens Corning; these innovative shingles resist hail and wind while looking beautiful with the TruDefintion colors.

Concealed fasteners
Will Never Split, Warp, Mold, or Rot
Kynar 500 coating
Will not burn

Innovative Standing Seam

ClickLock Standing Seam is designed to be maintenance-free, durable roofing option. Its innovative clip fasteners design allows the panels expansion and contraction with temperature changes. The fastening system designed for beauty and durability. Standing Seam provides your home several key factors:

  • Durable -Sheds ice and snow through heat reflected from the sun and will not rot or support insect infestation
  • Beauty –  Your standing seam roof is maintenance-free and will look beautiful for years to come. It will not rust, crack, streak, or stain.

ClickLock standing seam only uses first-run aluminum and quality Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® PVDF resin-based finishes. This ensures you get the highest quality standing seam system that will not fade or chalk.

Our Process

We worked hard to create a repeatable process where our customer can expect consistency that you can predict


Talk to Kari and answer some questions about your project, and schedule to have a team member assess your property.


We gather information by inspecting, documenting, and sketching to create a honest recommendation for you. After the inspection, you will be contacted within 24 hours to scheduled consultation to review the diagnoses and the recommendation.


The consultation is design for customer education, review, and recommendation. We sit down and get to know you; talking about budgets, concerns, and preferences for your project. Your Sales Associate, as an advisor, works with you to find a solution that fits your situation. Once your preferences are finalize, a contract is created digitally and signed.


Once you are on our board, your project gets inspected by our Project Verification Manager. They review Work Orders to ensure accuracy in materials ordered. After verification, Kari contacts about your estimated delivery of materials and an install date. Then construction occurs from tear off to installation of new materials.


Clean-up is taken very seriously. We have the crew do a clean-up at the end of each day with a final clean-up at the end of the project. After the installation and clean-up, the Quality Control Inspection is conducted. We walk through the project ensuring all debris is removed and installation meets our requirements.


We take great pride in offering an enjoyable experience. We will follow up with you to make sure your expectations are met and hopefully exceeded and thank you for choosing us.

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