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Fortified Roofing and Siding’s Process

Fortified Roofing and Siding of Columbia, Mo phase approach was built for customer satisfaction; keeping you informed and understand what is happing every step of the way.

Fortified Roofing and Siding is a high-quality customer oriented contractor that uses these phases to increase monitoring and inspections before, during and after each stage. They also allow us to decrease confusion because you will always know what is happening and what will happen next. When choosing a new roof or siding homeowners can become overwhelmed or shy away because they fear its a daunting task. When you select Fortified Roofing and Siding, you get a phased approach that has been carefully designed by us. Our phases allow you to enjoy the process rather than dread it. We make sure you are always informed every step of the way.

The sections below outline our phased approach to home exterior projects.


The first step in any project with Fortified Roofing and Siding is to talk with Kari, our Customer Relations Specialist. When you call in, you can expect a friendly conversation with pleasantries. She will ask you what sort of project you are seeking whether repair, replacement, or inspection she can schedule it. She will also take this opportunity to get to know you and gather your personal information so she can enter it into our customer database. Lastly, we will assign you a Sales Associate that will come to your home or business, for an analysis.


Your Sales Associate will come to your home or business to inspect and analyze your project. At this point, you do not have to be home unless the project is a leak investigation. For all other projects, the Sales Associate will be measuring, inspecting and documenting everything. They can be seen taking pictures and drawing a sketch of the building. The drawing will include your existing ventilation system, sheet metal and flashing locations, landscaping, and any areas in need of particular concern or attention. Each Sales Associate is responsible for compiling a complete home analysis. This analysis will provide the facts that we will use in recommending the appropriate scope of work – usually “no work currently necessary,” “repairs,” or “full replacement.” The Sales Associate takes photos of all areas of concern.

After the inspection, you will be contacted within 24 hours to have a scheduled consultation to review the diagnoses and the recommendation (decision maker needs to be present).





The consultation meeting is designed for customer education, review, and recommendations.  During this meeting we provide you with all the facts and results about your property analysis.  We will walk you through what everything means, answer all of your questions and address any concerns you might have.  Your Sales Associate will then explain his/her recommendation and why it is the best course of action.  From there you will talk about your needs and wants in order for your Sales Associate to compile a perfect custom package for you.

During the consultation the homeowner will be presented with custom designed package estimates at which you chooses that package that best suits your situation.  Each of these custom packages are unique by product style like metal verses asphalt or vinyl verse fiber cement siding.  They also have different levels of accessories like: ridge cap, ventilation, and felt.  Once your package is selected you will advance to the color designing aspect of the project.



When your preferences are finalized a contract is created digitally and signed. Contract with Fortified Roofing and Siding includes:

  • Building Materials – A specific listing of all materials to be used
  • Ventilation – The components necessary for a balanced ventilation system
  • Clean-up – Specifies your property will be kept clean during and after installation
  • Price – All taxes are included in the contract price
  • Warranty – Your contract will become a warranty document

Digital copy will be emailed after the contract is complete and you will get a customer welcome packet which will be your information guide that includes:

  • Office hours/ Contact information
  • Checklist what is need from you
  • Roofing 101 and Terminology
  • Process
  • Possible delays in timeline
  • Payment information
  • Cancellation policy
  • FAQs

We will place a sign on your property, and then we put your project on our production board. At which point someone will contact you to keep you aware of the timetable.



Once you are on our board, your project gets inspected by our Project Verification Manager. They will go to the site to review Work Orders done by the Sales Associate to ensure accuracy in materials ordered. This allows us to decrease waste and increase quality control because if by chance the Sales Associate missed something our project verification manager will find it and correct it.

After your building has been verified, you are ready for scheduling at which point Kari will contact you. She will keep you informed about your estimated delivery of materials and install date which can vary due to:

    • Rain or Snow
    • Excessive heat or cold
    • Backlog on previous project
    • Special order material delay

On the date specified, a specially designed vehicle will transport and unload the materials to the job site.  You will notice the delivery of your materials on either in your driveway or your roof.


On the day of installation, your Sales Associate and crew arrive at the site to prep for the project. At this point, the Sales Associate will brief the team before work begins and continue to oversee the project by checking in and out during the duration of the install.

We take special precautions to protect the exterior of your home from debris associated with the removal of your existing materials. This protection is provided by the use of tarps, plywood screening, and other materials when necessary.

During the install process, we will remove the existing material and place them in our company trailers. By using our company vehicles and trailers, we can eliminate damage to your driveway often caused by dumpsters, and remove the trash each night.



Clean-up is taken very seriously at Fortified Roofing and Siding. We want you to love the new look of your home, and that means being free of debris, nail, and trash. We accomplish this by having the crew do a clean-up at the end of each day with a final clean-up at the end of the project. We roll the yard and driveway with the special magnetic roller to remove loose nails. We then take a blower to the roof, driveway, sideways and decking to get minor debris. After we complete your project, we remove supplies and return any leftover material that we were not used.


After we complete the installation and clean-up, the Quality Control Inspection is conducted. We walk through the project one final time to ensure all debris is removed and installation meets our requirements.

PHASE VI-Follow-Up

We take great pride in offering homeowners an enjoyable roofing and siding experience. That is why we train all employees on the focus on customer satisfaction. So whether there is a problem today or tomorrow, you will always know we are here help you.


After your new roof or siding is installed and looking beautiful, you will be contacted by your Sales Associate to ensure that your expectations are met and hopefully exceeded. A third-party surveyor will also contact you that we use to help us continuously improve because we believe that we can always be better. Lastly, we ask that you complete a review for us; by sharing your experience to help our business grow.

Our office will mail you a paid invoice receipt and thank you for choosing us!

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