Why Is It Important to Hire a Local Contractor?

If the hailstorm on March 27, 2020 in Jefferson City, Missouri damaged your home you need to act quickly in order to avoid further damage.  One of the first things you need to do is find a local contractor, one has been in business for several years before the storm.  Why is it important you choose a local contractor?

To avoid being scammed.

Stormers go from city to city following damaging storms.  They offer to replace damaged roofs cheaper than the local contactors however, their estimates are usually low for several reason:  they will use inferior products, will do the absolute minimum on your roof, they will not install products that are required by code.  These stormers will collect your money and move on.  You will not see or hear from the again.  Why?  Because they are on to a bigger storm somewhere else.

To avoid insurance fraud.

Some stormers will offer to pay part or all your deductible.  Some will offer incentives such as sign allowance or gift cards to help offset your deductible.  What they are doing is insurance fraud.  In the State of Missouri, a homeowner MUST pay their deductible per Senate Bill 101.  If the homeowner allows a company to offset or pay their deductible both parties are committing insurance fraud. And if a company is willing to break the law for a deductible, how trustworthy are they? 

To ensure proper installation.

Mid-Missouri contractors will work with you to make sure your roof is installed correctly, using the best products and following required codes.  As well as considering the weather in Mid-Missouri such as temperature differences and humidity levels which affect the products needed to be installed on your home.

Supporting Mid-Missouri business.

By using a Mid-Missouri contactor, you are helping your neighbors and others in our community to keep our economy thriving.

To KNOW you are protected.

A Mid-Missouri contactor will be around long after the storm fades from memory.  They will be there for any questions you may have months later or even a warranty issue that may arise.  A stormer is long gone and will not return to warranty their product.

Be leery of any stormer that might have “bought” a local company name just to operate during the storm.  They too will be long gone.

Our owner, Larry Herzing has been in the roofing business for over 20 years.  His passion is educating homeowners, protecting them from stormers and supporting our communities that we serve.  To learn more about our story visit our website https://www.fortifiedroofs.com/about/our-story/