How Clogged Gutters Can Damage Foundations

Cleaning gutters regularly protects your home from damage caused by overflowing water.

Cleaning your gutter twice a year can be an annoying task that is not on top of your to-do list.  However, if left untreated clogged gutters can cost thousands of dollars to reverse the damage that is done to your home.  While these problems won’t happen overnight it is important to be proactive to make sure they don’t happen at all.

1.Foundation damage

A gutter system is responsible for channeling water off the roof and away from the home.  A blockage in the gutter system can cause water to overflow down the side of the home and pool around the foundation.  Over time, the pooling water will weaken the foundation causing cracks, sinking, and mold growth.

2.Wood damage

Fascia, which holds the gutter system, is often made of wood.  When gutters clog, and fill with water, the wood start to rot and needs replaced.  Also, some homes have siding made from wood; clogged gutters cause water to overflow and run down the side of the home.  This in return deteriorates the siding.

3.Landscape damage

Clogged gutters cause water to overflow and spill over the side of the home.  The water then floods the flower beds, small plants, and trees

4.Ice dams

In Missouri, we have ice dams are problematic due to the extreme cold. Ice dams form on the gutters or a lower edge of the roof, causing water to pool and eventually leak into the home.  Clogged gutters prevent water from draining, which dramatically increases the chance for ice dams to develop.