Follow Up to Deductible Post

Credit: Owens Corning

Since our last post “My Contractor Wants to Pay my Deductible” we have had many comments and questions from homeowners, therefore this post will cover those topics.

Should I share my insurance paperwork with you?

Absolutely YES!  Sharing your paperwork simplifies the whole process and helping you to get your home back to pre-storm condition quicker. 

When reviewing your paperwork, we can make sure your insurance adjustor didn’t miss any items.  Missing items means your will receive less money for repairs/replacement.  Knowing this up front we can sent in a supplement request to have those items added to your claim.

What if I don’t want to share my paperwork with you?

That is of course your decision and we respect that 100 percent.  Our estimate may be higher due to missed items by the adjustor and you will have to request the additional items from your insurance company. 

What if I want to choose a cheaper estimate?

That is completely your decision and we respect that.  However, it is best to choose a contractor based off their work quality not their estimated.  We always recommend this because your insurance company is responsible for making you whole again not a certain amount of money.  Such as the follow example:

Your insurance company gave you an “allowance” of $10,000.00 to replace your roof.  You chose a contractor who replaced your roof for $8,000.00 your insurance company is only responsible for the $8,000.00 because that made you whole again.  You will not be able to “pocket “any money. 

What if I just don’t want to pay my deductible?

We get that!  Deductibles can be difficult to pay especially when unexpected.  You can choose items that you don’t replace or repair to help offset your deductible.  However, if you do that you will not be able to claim damage to those items until they are replaced/repaired. 

Here’s another way to think of it.  If you went to purchase a car or brand new furniture and were planning on spending $15,000 (or whatever amount your replacement is) and then the car dealership or store said “wait, you only have to pay $2,000” (or what your deductible amount is)  You would be ecstatic. 

Why is it different with your home?  You already need replace and/or repair your home and your insurance company is going to pay everything except your deductible.  You get a brand-new roof (or whatever your damage is) for only your deductible. 

Also, if you need to finance your deductible that too is completely legal. 

Our owner, Larry Herzing has been in the roofing business for over 20 years.  His passion is educating homeowners, protecting them from stormers and supporting our communities that we serve.  To learn more about our story visit our website