How Long Will Good Gutters Last?

We only install aluminum gutters, which should never deteriorate. The average aluminum gutter should get at least 20 years.  If they are well maintained then they can last up to 40 years; unless there is damage due to severe weather.

What types of gutter options are available?

We offer 5-inch, 6-inch, or K-style seamless style aluminum gutters.

What kind of gutter guards or covers do you recommend?

Living in Mid-Missouri we always suggest gutter cover because of the trees and leaves.  We primarily use metal wired gutter guards that prevent leaves and other large debris from clogging the gutters.  However, if your home has heavy tree coverage with seeds and needles we suggest gutter helmets.  These helmets allow the debris of all sizes to fall off the house and channel water through the gutter.

How often should you clean gutters?

We recommend you clean your gutters every spring and fall to remove debris that can accumulate.  However, it your home have heavy tree coverage then it may be necessary to clean them quarterly.

How to extend the life of my gutters?

To increase the life of your gutters; schedule regular maintenance cleaning.  Try to limit ladders from resting and putting pressure on the gutter.  Put sealant in the corners every 5 to 6 years.  Don’t use bleach when power washing because it will eat away the enamel.