How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

It is crucial to clean your gutter to avoid overflow and clogging.  Gutters that are not properly maintained can tear away from your house, overflow, and damage siding and/or fascia.

How often should I clean my gutters?

We recommend you clean your gutters every spring and fall to remove debris that can accumulate.  However, it your home have heavy tree coverage then it may be necessary to clean them quarterly.

What are the benefits of clean gutters?

When your gutters are maintained and cleaned it prevents:

  • water wrapping around the roof and entering the house causing erosion
  • washing out the surrounding foundation
  • reduces termites being draw to the moisture
  • reduces chances of mold and mildew from your walls
  • rotten wood

What should I know when deciding to repair or replace my gutters?

It is important when getting new gutter to make sure your contractor is using quality material.  At Fortified, we only use seamless aluminum due to its longevity, water tightness, and rust resistance.  When installing the gutters, we suggest hidden hangers because they are adjustable unlike spikes.

How long should gutters last?

We only install aluminum gutters, which should never deteriorate. The average aluminum gutter should get at least 20 years.  If they are well maintained then they can last up to 40 years; unless there is damage due to severe weather

What kind of license and insurance should I be looking for?

When working with any contract it is crucial to make sure they are licensed and have workers’ compensation and liability insurance.  Otherwise, if someone is injured at your home, you could be held responsible

Do I Still Need to Clean with Gutter Guards?

It is a myth the gutter guards are a maintenance free gutter system.  While the gutter guards do prevent leaves, branches and other debris from building up there are smaller particles, like seeds, that can sneak through the guard.  For this reason, you should plan on cleaning your gutters and gutter covers at least every two years; more often if your home has heavy tree coverage.


With any cleaning on a ladder we always suggest homeowners seek a professional rather than risking injury.  When cleaning your gutter system that has a cover it is always best to seek an expert, they will be able to remove the guard and clear the debris that has gotten through.  They will also be able to proper reinstall them and insure they are still effective for your home.

Best Gutter Guard

In our experience the best gutter guard system is a TruGuard gutter helmet.  TruGuard is patented and protected guard that won’t cause overflow problems in rain or snow.  It is special designed to allow debris to fall off while channeling water into the gutter.