Jefferson City, Missouri Capitol Building

After a major storm, such as the hailstorm on March 27, 2020 in Jefferson City, Missouri many “stormers” will flood the town.  When these stormers come into town one of the first things is they will do is buy a local phone number to seem as if they are a local company.  Instead of asking if a company is local, ask these questions to find out if the company is truly local:

Do you have a Jefferson City business license?  What date was your business license issued?

If the business license is the day of or shortly after the storm, you know they are not from Jefferson City.  However, stormers do buy city licenses and keep them renewed even if they aren’t actually local so the next question to ask:

Do you have references in Jefferson City before the storm?  Can you provide me a list of names, addresses and phone number?

Make sure you call those references and drive by.  The stormers can give you fake phone numbers to call which will giving glowing references but they very well may be working for the company, that’s why it’s important to drive by to see the work and talk with THAT homeowner.

Is your business registered with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office?

Look up the company on the Secretary of State’s office website.  This will tell you if they are registered and the date of their registration. 

Do you have a business BBB account for Jefferson City?  What date was your account opened? Is your business Accredited by the BBB?

Fortified Roofing & Siding is not only an Accredited BBB Business but a 2019 Torch Award Winner for integrity and ethical business practices.

What is the address of your business? 

Make sure you Google the address.  Some stormers will rent storage facilities just to get a local address. 

How do you support the Capital City, what is your community involvement?

Another good question to ask is name one of the local elementary schools in Jefferson City? 

If they can’t answer this, they are not from Jefferson City.

Do you have General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance to work in Jefferson City?

This is another important question to ask because not all General Liability or Worker’s Compensation Insurance is carried from state to state. 

Then ask to see the Certificate’s of Insurance.  Call the insurance carrier or agent listed on the Certificate. 

The next thing you can do is a simple Google search for the company.  This will tell you a lot about the company. 

There are many ways a storm chasers can take advantage of a homeowner and we know most of them.  Our owner, Larry Herzing used to be one of those stormers going from state to state chasing the hail.  Larry saw the devious tricks co-workers and owners of the company would use.  He saw how the homeowners were being deceived so he set out to change the industry and educate homeowners to protect themselves.  His passion is always about protecting the people beneath the roof, if even that means they choose another contractor.  If you would like to know more about our story, please go to

Come back tomorrow for our blog post on “Why is it important to choose a local contractor?”