The Value of Metal Roofing



It’s no secret that there are many benefits to having a metal roof. They’re built to last, can raise the value of your home, and they simply look great. But, it’s also well known that the price for a metal roof is much higher than traditional roofing products such as asphalt shingles. Is it time to consider the investment in a metal roof? Let’s look at some key factors:



How long do you plan on living in your home? In mid-Missouri, the typical asphalt shingle roof needs to be replaced every 12-15 years. Due to inclement weather, there are many times that roofs in the area don’t even last that long.  Columbia has had 6 major hail storms in the last 18 years. There have also been countless more minor hail storms that have still been strong enough to damage the older roofs in some areas. Every time this happens, the homeowner must go through the hassle of filing an insurance claim, choosing the contractor, and paying their deductible. Investing in a hail resistant product, such as metal roofing, will save crucial time for the homeowner as well as saving money in the long term.


Additionally, each piece of our panel is designed to last. If you look at a lot of metal roofs, you’ll notice that they use an exposed fastener system. With this, nails are being driven straight through the roof panel. The integrity of the exposed nail head and washer will typically fail in year 8-10. The area around the fastener will then be susceptible to leaks. Why invest in a long-term roofing product if a key function of it isn’t designed to last long term? Our metal roofing products use interlocking panels, so we’re never nailing through the panel and the fasteners are never exposed to the elements.


Energy Efficiency

The aluminum roofing products that Fortified Roofing and Siding offers are Energy Star products. Heat reflective metal roofing, when paired with the proper ventilation, can bring back significant savings to your energy bill.


Environmentally Friendly

The aluminum roofing products that we use consists of up to 95% recycled material. The second you decide to put a metal roof on your house is the second you take a stand in preventing more asphalt shingles to enter landfills.


Insurance Benefits

Our products carry the UL 2218 Class IV Impact Resistance rating, which is the highest rating available. Many insurance companies see the value of quality roofing products such as metal, and some offer discounts to homeowners who choose these roofing options. If you’re committed to living in your home long-term, this can save significant money to help shoulder the upfront cost of investing in a metal roof.



Our metal roofs are fungus-resistant and don’t streak or stain as they age. Your metal roof will look just as beautiful in year 20 as it does in year 1. We offer products that give a shake appearance, as well as a slate appearance, so whatever your preference we’ve got an option that fits.